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Get a dedicated resource from Mumbai, India to work for you.

Appointing dedicated resources is always been more beneficial for Business, As compared to Business process outsourcing method, This is due to some of the following facts,

Multi-functional Tasks
A dedicated resource can perform Multifunctional tasks.
Understands Your Business Positioning
A dedicated resource understands your business positioning well and aims to serve as per your business mission.
Trained For Your Business
He/She can be trained As per your needs, this, in turn, adds a lot of value to work delivered to you.
Valuable Team Members
Over a time these resources prove to be valuable team members.

Outsource! Why With Us?

Cost-saving is not the only Factor

It is important to recognize need for Outsourcing project work to India when you waste your money and time on undertaking miniscule tasks rather than focusing on the core business. With our Management consulting we will get you the desired manpower while you focus on building your Business.

1000's of Tasks
You can get done any work with outsourcing like Sales Support, Lead calling, Customer Demo, Admin work, Data updation, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Invoicing & thousands of work like these
Professional talent
You can also get any talent like Engineer, CA, CPA, ICWA, Doctor, CS, Lawers, Cost accountants, Digital Marketers, MBA and any other professionals like them.

Advantages of outsourcing with us

A sure cost advantage

The cost of manpower aimed by us under corporate cost saving management is much lower as compared to costs you pay for your manpower in your country. This results into Month on Month saving in Salary costs. However Cost-saving is not the only factor, our Business operations outsourcing service helps you get quality time-to-market services leading to greater efficiency, increased productivity and more time to work on other crucial accountabilities.

Surviving in a competitive market

When the business scale up you need to deal with many customers efficiently to survive in this competitive market, handling this plethora of customers will need you to focus ONLY ON CORE TASKS like marketing, sales, accounting, etc. However, this will eventually result in poor business productivity. So, Our service can help you with various Back office outsourcing services and tasks that you wish to get done.

Reduce the burden of non-core activity

Our Outsource consulting services are used by business to focus on their competencies rather than managing non-core tasks. Our Business consulting services not only reduces the burden of non-core activities, but also plays a very important role in the growth of the business.

Why we are different from other companies

Multifunctional tasks
Instead of focusing on task wise jobs, we facilitate multifunction jobs with one person which leads to better time management, Cost saving with quality output.
Ambitious talent pool
As we are based in Mumbai an untiring city of India, this helps us to get you Quality, Hardworking & Progressive resources.
Completely customized
As per your needs resources can be trained, this adds a lot of value to work delivered to you and saves cost on multifunctional work.

This is what makes us a perfect fit for you

We do people management
Leading your resources for Teamwork, Communication, Knowledge and Development, Increased Productivity and Motivation.
We have processes
We follow custom developed processes like Attendance on WhatsApp group, Daily Worksheet updates, persuasive employee agreements ensuring long-term resource support.
Besides work, resources are also keenly available on Skype, Hangout for a face to face interaction as per the convenience and requirement.

Action Plan

Working on saving your excisting business cost, let both of us Start with some role and we will further work together for a swift increase in support resources taking into consideration your business needs. Our role has a Limitless dimension, we both can further explore options to optimize your business cost.

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