Build your in-house

Performing Digital Marketing Department

which contributes to the growth of your company.

2x Your Turnover with your dedicated team of experts – from Business to Brand, the Digital Expert way!
Your own EXPERTS-ONLY Digital Marketing Department – the dream team for hyperformance!

Outperform the competition with EXPERTS at your service!

HOW do we achieve this?

We being the experts from digital marketing industry, we are able to identify, test and certify, good resources and experts from this field.

We cover 24 super-specializations in the digital marketing industry, essential for driving impactful results for your business.

What happens when you hire employees on your own?

A hiring manager may not be able to conduct correct tests applicable to Digital Marketing industry and hence end-up hiring a non-performing resource.
A non-performing resource learns while working with you whereas an EXPERT delivers measurable results!
You might not have provisions or appropriate knowledge of Digital Marketing for performance audit and monitoring activities.
The choice for performers is limited to acceptability while in-house hiring – with us you are in for 3 Levels of performers, i.e. Expert Manager – Senior Manager – VP Level!

What happens when you onboard Experts from us?

We select experts from the digital marketing industry who specialise in one particular niche. We do not believe in the generalist mindset where 1 person is handling multiple roles, we strive to inculcate the specialist mindset in our culture to create a win-win situation for business as well as the professional.

From Digital Marketing Manager to Graphic Designer – Digital Media, Video Editor, SEO Expert, and beyond, DigiDMD offers a comprehensive range of specialized talents to cater to your specific digital marketing needs. Whether you require social media ad campaign management, Google Paid Ads expertise, website optimization, or Influencer Marketing services, these professionals have the skills and experience to deliver exceptional results, working as an in-house digital marketing department.

You have the choice of on-boarding EXPERTS as an Extended Team to aid your existing team.

πŸ’‘ The idea behind in-house DMD

Kapil Chandak, Founder & CEO – Digioutreach, identified and analysed the gap between hiring a Digital Marketing Agency and building an in-house Digital Marketing Department.

With 17+ years of industry experience and after successful execution of Digital Marketing projects for 700+ businesses, Kapil deciphered Digital Marketing to be a very customized industry wherein each business requires a specific set of Digital Marketing activities.

Every business is not looking for each and every aspect of digital marketing and every digital marketing agency is not built to practically cater to each and every aspect of Digital Marketing services.

Thus, the idea of DigiDMD was born – commencing a breakthrough in the universe of Digital Marketing!

What about costs?

50K for a Social Media Manager or 50k for a Social Media Content Writer + Videographer + Video Editor – choice is yours!
A placement agency applies a standard hiring fee of 8.33% of the salary of the hired employee – you don’t have to pay that with us!
We manage employee costs with a innovative model. DMD offers you the flexibility to renew/cease your contract every three months – no more CTCs!

What effort goes into the solution?

What about costs?

Digioutreach has a strong rooted foundation in the industry of Digital Marketing and we have designed this intelligent solution after thousands of hours of brain-storming and calculating almost every possible permutation and combination of a suitable team of experts for an in-house Digital Marketing Department.

Our Efforts Include:
β€’ Certification of Experts aligned with industry standards.
β€’ Continuous Training & Development of resources.
β€’ Exclusive test to define expertise of resource.
β€’ Payroll Processing and Leave Management
β€’ Admin and Password Management by us
β€’ Access to Paid Tools Subscription
β€’ Audit of Technical Aspects
β€’ Quarterly Review of Work

1. SMM Manager (Ideator)

2. Graphic designer - Digital Media

3. Graphic designer - Print Media

4. Video Editor

5. Videography Expert

6. SMM Content Writer

7. SEO Expert

8. Blog Writer

9. Website Expert

10. LinkedIn Expert

11. Twitter Expert

12. Youtube Expert (SEO)

13. Instagram Expert

14. Google Paid Ads Expert

15. Ecommerce Ads Expert

16. Amazon Expert

17. Social Media Ads Expert

18. Email Marketing Expert

19. Influencer Marketing Expert

20. PR Expert

21. Mobile Marketing (SMS & WhatsApp)

22. Affiliate Marketing Expert

23. Google MyBusiness Expert

24. Telecalling Expert

BENEFITS at a glance

Hire Subject Experts
Get Experts at Fractional Cost
No 8.33% Hiring Fee

3-Month Flexibility Commitment

Choose from 3 Expert Levels

Virtual Team – No Extra Costs

You will hire subject matter experts at the cost of semi-experienced employees!

We conduct rigorous tests before onboarding our experts and professionals are screened through numerous layers of expertise
– we want the best for you!

Get to choose from 3 levels of expertise, Expert Manager, Senior Manager and a VP!


You can pick your combination – we offer the best!

You don’t have to pay the 8.33% hiring costs which placement agencies charge you
– it’s a department, not an individual!

You commit for only 3 months per resource – you have the flexibility to upgrade to a new EXPERT every quarter!