We all have heard about one famous quote that “Content is the king” and it plays a significant role in building a brand for a long time with the help of SEO. Covid 19 has given us a realization for online presence as 80% of potential prospects spend time online. So it has become necessary for any business to do content marketing. However this also means that there is a cut throat competition in your area of business. So iti is critical to stand out and engage with your customers on online platforms. 

Content promotion strategies

Creating creatives and merely posting them on social platforms won’t be enough. Creating content and distributing it through platforms is not going to work in 2023. It requires much  effort to market the content in the era of saturation.A word of caution here though – content amplification works best for content that has been ideated and created keeping in mind the interests and needs of the target audience. So, here is how you can use an SEO content strategy for content promotion

Respond to questions on Quora

Using platforms like quora and other Q/A answers can be one of the best promotion techniques where you as a business ask various questions to customers and in return you get lookalike questions from their end also. Educating your potential prospects with your quality content may help you to make your customers about their existing problems and thus you can provide them solution and eventually sell your products and services.

Tweet various snippets from your content

Have interesting stats or facts that are share-worthy as individual pieces of content? Sharing those snippets on Twitter is an effective content promotion idea as it can lure people in to read more. The microblogging giant is one of the most active social media platforms today, so anything interesting that fits within 280 characters is bound to be retweeted. You can even take screenshots of other elements like pictures, infographics and quotes and use a shortened URL of your website for promotion.

Vernacular marketing

8 out of 10 internet users don’t prefer English as their primary language. It becomes essential to create and distribute content in vernacular language to grow your business and engage with your audience in their language. This is a very effective tool to reach the audience of tier 2 and tier 3 cities. This increases brand awareness among native citizens and builds trust.


One of the main aspects of content writing is writing your article. Publishing educational content that helps people and makes their buying journey smoother can drive traffic to your website by providing external links that redirect your reader to your website and eventually pitching them your products and services.

Leverage the reach of Influencers

Marketing changed and the platforms of marketing also changed. People used to buy products after watching ad commercials on T.V’s and hence used to get influenced by actors and sport players. But nowadays digital marketing has taken influencer marketing to another level with a lot of people becoming content creators and influencers in the online world. Collaborating with online influencers can be a very effective way of marketing and at the same time it can be cost effective as well.

Video content marketing

60% of the people who use the internet are visual learners. A fruitful content promotion technique is to make use of YouTube. More than 50% of women make a purchasing decision after watching a video. This is a wonderful opportunity to create a personal touch for your brand by engaging with your audience on YouTube while helping visual learners retain information better. YouTube is an SEO gold mine, so make use of hashtags, titles and descriptions to increase your reach. As for audio learners, one can use podcasts as a content promotion tool.

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